Acoustic Guitar Cables

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Okay, so you are probably thinking that acoustic guitars don’t use cables. Technically, you are correct. A purely acoustic instrument does not require, nor does it have the necessary jack or electronics to accommodate such a cable. However, many acoustic guitars aren’t really entirely acoustic guitars in the truest sense of the word. That is to say that many acoustic guitars are actually acoustic-electric, which means that they are built like a normal acoustic guitar with added electronics which allow you to hook your guitar up to your amp if you so desire.

So, in actuality, when I say “acoustic guitar cables,” what I really mean is “electric-acoustic guitar cables.” Now that we are on the same page, let’s dig a little deeper. An acoustic-electric guitar is set up in much the same way as a regular electric guitar, in that it has a pickup used to transmit the sound signal through your cable and to your amp. This pickup works in much the same way as an electric guitar pickup. The pickup is wired through your controls and on through the jack where you plug your cable in.

So what makes a good acoustic guitar cable? You may recall that we discussed what makes for the best guitar cable in general on our main page using electric guitars as the frame of reference. The good news is that the goals are the same when producing a high quality acoustic guitar cable. That means that from a tonal perspective, you want a cable that will distort your signal as little as possible. Additionally, you are going to want a cable that is flexible and durable. A cable that has a smart shield design to mitigate noise from neighboring electronics is also highly desirable.

About now you are probably thinking to yourself that you didn’t need to click this link to read that the ideal cables for acoustic guitars are similarly ideal for electric guitars. In fact, you are probably thinking to yourself that you could have better spent your time googling cute cat pictures and ogling instead of suffering through this article. but fear not! There is one special acoustic cable for you and your special guitar that I will now bring to your attention!

Monster Acoustic Guitar CableMonster Cable makes a cable specifically for an acoustic guitar. Monster is rather nonspecific with the technical specifications that differentiate this particular cable from their electric guitar cables. The most obvious difference is that the connectors have a covering made from real wood that nicely matches the look of any nice acoustic guitar. Although the only obvious difference is cosmetic, at the end of the day, it’s a nice cable that will accurately transfer your sound to your amp.

So taking everything said into account, if the Monster cable above doesn’t suit your fancy I suggest you head over to to search for a nice guitar cable that does since it will also work perfectly well with your acoustic-electric!