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I am a guitarist and have been for over ten years, having gotten my first guitar as a birthday gift while I was in college. I am entirely self taught, which has been quite a journey. My style is highly improvisational, so I gravitate towards genres of music that cater to this. My favorites are jazz and blues, although I do play quite a bit of rock as well as most other styles in smaller capacity. I play often, and although I’m no professional musician, I still find a lot of time to jam with my buddies.

My interest in guitar cables stems back from my time working as a mechanical engineer at an audio-visual design firm in San Francisco. We were installing building-wide audio systems during initial building construction, and the result of this was that I was specifying the use of many different kinds of cables. Additionally, I was surrounded by other musicians in the office, who also had deep knowledge of cabling, and so we would often talk about how this pertained to our instruments. It was early on in my time at the AV firm that I realized that my current guitar cables just weren’t making the cut.

So I started searching around, and was surprised to find out how many different approaches there were when it came to trying to design the best guitar cable. I saw that each company had their own way of going about it. After trying a few cables, I settled on one that I liked! There was definitely an improvement in sound quality, and it was well worth it, especially considering the cable I liked wasn’t even that expensive.

Over the years, I have tried more than a few cables and so since there is limited info out there on the web at the moment, I decided to write this guide. I hope that you find it helpful when looking for the best guitar cable!