Mogami Gold Guitar Cable Review

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Mogami Gold Guitar Cable
The Mogami Gold guitar cable is really the gold standard (pun intended) when it comes to instrument cables. It is hands down one of the best cables out on the market. Be warned though, as you have to pay to play with this one. They don’t come cheap, but the best rarely does. The Gold line is one tier below the platinum line, but in my opinion offer similar performance at a much better value. You really can’t go wrong with any of Mogami’s leads, as they all offer superior quality construction, but the Gold provides some nice additonal features over the basic Silver line. Also, it should be noted that these cables come with a lifetime warranty!


The Mogami Gold cables come with an oxygen free copper core, wrapped in a polymer sub shield and an “ultra high density” spiral outer shield. The intent of these is noise reduction in order to create clear and articulate sound. Mogami uses the word “transparent” to describe it. The exterior of the cable is covered in PCV infused with carbon molecules, which was done in order to minimize handling noise.


The cable can be had in a variety of lengths, including three, six, ten, eighteen, and twenty-five feet. Mogami offers the cable with both straight and right angle plugs. You can also get a patch plug. In addition, there is a Silent variant that uses Neutrik silent plugs, which allows the player to swap instruments using live cables without the crackling and popping. In other words, you can switch guitars by simply unplugging the cable, as opposed to having to reach down to turn your amp off. Pretty awesome if you gig a lot and switch instruments often.


So how does it sound? Well, in a word, awesome! Much like you’d expect for a 60 dollar cable. The cable introduces no perceptible noise into the equation and the cable doesn’t deter the highs or lows from ringing out. Often times, an instrument lead will be responsible for attenuating sound at various frequencies, resulting in thin sounding bass or treble. These are most certainly not guilty of that!


One of the strengths of this cable is the flexibility and durability. It coils easily, stores easily, and resists breakage. I haven’t heard of or experienced any malfunctions or quality issues with these cables to date so long that they are properly cared for. These cables will treat you well over the long run.


In the end, the Mogami Gold is a top notch cable that any gigging musician will appreciate. On the other hand, if you record at home or otherwise have cabling needs where you can’t tolerate any noise, these would make a great fit a well. Again, the cables do cost some coin, so you need to be willing to spend a hefty chunk of cash, but that’s the reality when you buy a no compromise cable. If you’re on the fence, do it, you won’t regret it!

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