Mogami Platinum Cable Review

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When it comes to guitar cables, the Mogami Platinum series resides at the higher end of the spectrum, both in terms of quality and price. While your average musician probably can’t justify paying big bucks for something as simple as a guitar cable, this one does actually offer some significant advantages over its more reasonably priced counterparts. Mogami has engineered this cable to help minimize some of the issues that tend to affect some of the less expensive cables on the market. This is a very high-quality cable, and it can actually make a pretty significant difference in your guitar tone. While they did build the Platinum series to a very high standard, this cable does have a few shortcomings depending on perspective. If you can justify shelling out a significant chunk of cash for a guitar cable, the Mogami Platinum series is certainly worth checking out.


This cable is built to a very high standard, and the quality difference is noticeable. These cables excel at reducing background and handling noise thanks to the ample cable shielding. The shielding is overkill compared to the Fender and Monster cables that your average musician employs, but it drastically reduces the amount of noise in your guitar signal so that heavy duty shielding does serve a purpose and is well worth it in some cases. The cable’s construction also helps to prevent the cable from becoming tangled. With such a heavy duty design, this cable will probably last you a very long time, especially with proper care.


The Platinum Series cables are available in a variety of different lengths and can be outfitted with any combination of straight and L-shaped connectors. They also come equipped with a Neutrik SILENT connector at the ‘guitar’ end of the cable. While the SILENT connector is intended to prevent dropouts caused by loose jack connections, this connector seems to be the element that earns the Platinum series most of its negative reviews. The connector features a small metal sleeve at the end of the jack, which is intended to make the connection more stable. However, most users’ biggest complaint has to do with the connector’s tendency to pop out of the jack, especially with Stratocaster style jacks. Fortunately, the majority of users don’t encounter that problem, and the SILENT connector does seem to get the job done when it is connected properly.


A lot of cable companies go to great lengths to hype up their own products, often claiming that their cables will improve your guitar tone. In most cases, your choice of cable really doesn’t make much of a tangible difference in your guitar’s tone. The Mogami Platinum series, however, does make a rather significant difference. The cable has a very low resistance, so there is a subtle ‘boost’ in the guitar’s volume (A cable can’t actually boost your guitar’s volume on its own, but they have managed to drastically reduce volume drop due to the cable’s resistance). In addition, the cable seems to pick up a lot more of the guitar’s upper harmonic content, resulting in a brighter tone overall. This is great for guitarists, but any bass players considering this cable should take the opportunity to try out the cable before making a purchase. A lot of bass players have complained that the Platinum series cables can actually make your bass sound thin and weak depending on your choice of pickups and whether you have passive or active electronics. Some bass players have complained that the cable seems to diminish the note attack when they play, while others have found that the cable improves their sound. Most users have stated that the cable drastically reduces both handling noise, hum, and buzz, so the Platinum series might be just the the one for you if you’re tired of coping with excessive noise in your guitar rig.


The Mogami Platinum series cables is geared more towards tone junkies than your average musician. If you’re the sort of musician who prefers to plug right onto the amp without any pedals or effects units in between in order to achieve the cleanest (at least as far as RF interference) tone possible, this one is worth looking into. Not every guitarist really needs all of that extra high harmonic content or the extreme noise canceling abilities, but they’ll certainly come in handy if you can afford it, particularly when recording. Being a high-performance guitar cable, the Mogami Platinum series is the sort of investment to consider if you’re a serious musician with an ear for great guitar tones.

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