Planet Waves Custom Guitar Cable Review

Planet Waves Custom
No matter the industry, one can typically expect a few different companies offering niche price points. There’s often the luxury, high-end brand, the low-end product that’s so cheap it practically doesn’t work, and a value brand for a cheap but effective product. In the world of guitar cables, Planet Waves occupies that last position. The company prides itself on offering affordable but quality products to the masses, and frankly it does a great job of that. If you’re looking for a decent cable for home or amateur use, their Custom Series may just be exactly what you’re looking for. Before making that purchase, however, you better check out the rest of our guide on this cable, which gives information on all aspects of this product, including the most important dimension…


Although they operate under the name Planet Waves, the company is actually owned by D’Addario, which guitar enthusiasts know means one thing: an unrelenting commitment towards good sound. On this front, the Planet Waves Custom cable delivers. The cables are quite clean, adding very little noise to your sound and providing an untarnished representation of how the guitar sounds at the pickups. Unlike some of the other low-end cables, the Planet Waves Custom Series cable doesn’t particularly color the sound in any noticeable way, which makes it a great choice for acoustic guitars and clean electric tones. However, the cable can definitely stand firm to a bit of distortion, so rock or metal guitarists need not fear.

Build Quality

Users report that the Planet Waves Custom Series cable feels very sturdy in the hand, largely because the rubber coating is composed of a thicker variety than most. Besides the firmness and physical protection this coating offers the cable, it also serves to function as noise shielding. The Custom Series cable actually has two layers of noise shielding, which again shows D’Addario’s commitment to great tones. This product also utilizes high quality braided copper, which is known for its accuracy in reproducing electric signals.

One potential flaw in the build design of this cable appears in the tip. Although this experience is not universal, several guitarists claim that the thick rubber coating on the tip makes it difficult to fully plug the cable in far enough to get that satisfactory click. If you’ve experienced this problem on your instrument before, it would be worth it to test out this cable in a Guitar Center or other music shop before committing to a purchase. That being said, this experience seems to be limited, and most users had no such trouble with the build design.


Unlike many of their competitors, Planet Waves actually offers a number of options for consumers seeking to purchase something from their Custom Series. The most important option is the choice of length, which includes 5, 10, 15, 20, and 30 foot options. While they do provide added freedom of movement, the longer lengths have the disadvantage of costing more, so be sure to investigate all your options and needs before committing to a specific length. We believe the 20 foot option to be the most economical while still providing ample space to walk about.

In addition to length, consumers also have the option of tip connection. This means that one of the tips can be either a straight connection or a right angle. Frankly, this choice comes down to nothing more than personal preference, as both types should perform equally well in all situations.


Overall, the value of this cable could be rated as extremely high. Sure, it’s not the most luxurious cable on the market, but for the price it does a much better job than many of its competitors. These cables are available both online and in many music retailers, making it easy for consumers to find these cables for a reasonable price. Compared to similarly priced cables, the Planet Waves Custom Series really delivers, and players of all calibers would be wise to consider this product for their cabling needs.

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