Spectraflex Vintage Guitar Cable Review

Spectraflex Vintage Guitar Cable
The Spectraflex Vintage Guitar Cable line is one of my favorite cables out there. From looks to durability to sound, it delivers it all. It is an all around versatile cable that can work as well in your as it will on stage.


Let’s start out with the specs. The cable has a 20 gauge copper center conductor, touted by the company as being “ultra-pure.” As with any guitar cable, the shielding is paramount, and the Spectraflex Vintage comes with a 95% coverage copper shield in addition to a 100% coverage inner PVC shield. The connectors are gold plated to enhance conductivity and the cable is wrapped in a nylon braid.

Sound and Durability

In brief, this cable sounds great. Absolutely minimal signal distortion with little to no high frequency attenuation. I’m not sure you’d get a better sounding cable even if you were to build your own.

You can also expect a good solid cable that will last a while. In general, they get strong durability ratings from just about everybody who runs them. They are not prone to breaking, and so long as you coil your cables correctly, they will last many years.


One thing that I particularly like about the Vintage series is that there are tons of great options. Regarding the connectors that plug into your amp and guitar, you can get a cable with two straights, a straight and a 90 degree, or dual 90 degree connectors which allow for some flexibility in terms of how you set up your rig since you won’t have to worry about overstressing a cable by forcing it to bend too sharply. Additionally, the cables are available in many different vintage patterns and colors which really set off the looks. To give you an example, some of the pattern names are as follows: Tron, Stripe, Toaster, Lampcord, Zipper and Cow. Everyone of them looks cool and unique. Spectraflex also offers the classy “surprise me” option, where they will send you a pattern at random. Finally, the Vintage Series can be had in anywhere from one foot long to 50 feet long.


So overall a really solid cable. Pricewise they are reasonable, if not cheap considering the quality you get. These cables certainly give some of the upper end cables a run for their money at a lower cost. There are really no drawbacks and as such, I’d recommend them. Lastly, I’ll mention it again. While Spectraflex has some really cool looking cables, the patterns and designs on their Vintage Series look totally awesome. They would really set off the look of an old butterscotch Telecaster or sunburst Stratocaster if you happen to have one.

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