Canare Cable with Neutrik Connectors Guitar Cable Review

Canare with Neutrik Guitar Cable
For some people, the cable is the least important part of their rig. The thinking behind this mentality is definitely understandable, as the cable is not nearly as flashy a piece of gear as an effects pedal or a tube amplifier. However, the cable makes a huge difference in overall sound quality. Some cables have mellower tones, and others deliver crisp tones. Some cables are made for the general consumer, and some are best left for the professionals. The Canare cable featuring Neutrick tips is one such of the latter. Canare was founded in Japan in the 1970’s. While Canare started with microphone cables, they have pretty much branched to all corners of the pro audio and pro video scene. The employees there are very outspoken about how they strive to gain and maintain the trust of musicians everywhere. This fact is readily demonstrated as this luxury brand piece of gear boasts some of the best sound in the industry, and easily competes with many of the its more expensive rivals. If you’re willing to spend a little more to get a cable that will really deliver for some time, this product is definitely worth the research. Lucky for you, we’ve done a bit of the research already, broken down below in our review of the Canare Cable.


If you’re choosing a cable based on sound quality alone, you’re a smart fellow. You’d also be advised to take a look at the Canare Cable with Neutrick tips. Neutrik connectors were chosen because these cables were specifically crafted for premium usage, and offer a sound quality that reflects this goal. The cables will accurately reproduce sounds from a flat response up to 50 kHz, which is far above the human ear’s ability to hear. The Canare cable sounds crisp, accurate, and clean, and is largely devoid of any cracking, humming, or buzzing. These cables are best suited for genres that require a clean tone that pulls through the mix. If you’re a blues or rock player, these cables won’t have any artifacts that add a mellowness to your tone. However, this can easily be made up for using a warm sounding amp or drive pedal if that is your fancy.

Build Quality

The official name of these cables is the Canare Cable with Neutrick Connectors, so you’d better believe the design quality of the connector is rather high. Neutrik is headquartered in Liechtenstein and they consider themselves “the leading provider of professional entertainment connector systems,” and rightfully so. Their guitar cable connectors are widely known to be the best in the industry and once you handle one it’s obvious why this is the case. The attractive tips come in black and gold, and feel solid in the hand. The cable itself is sheathed in the company’s proprietary Carbon/Braid Copper shielding, which adds to the strength of the cable while also reducing interference from external noise. The cable is housed in a rubbing casing, which is rather flexible and easy to bend. Unfortunately, this means that this cable may tangle if the player moves around too move; if you’re the type that likes to roam while you play, it may be worth looking into a cable with a tweed jacket. However, players who are happy with rubber will be pleased with the build quality of the Canare Cable; it definitely holds the ability to withstand years of use without any decrease in quality.


One of the upsides of Canare’s offering is the boon of options. The cable is available in a variety of colors, including gold, black, and green. Furthermore, users can order this cable in a number of lengths. The most commonly found length is the 10’, but there are a number of other available lengths. In fact, you can even order custom sizes although we find that the standards pretty well cover most people’s needs.

Another option players have to choose is the tip type. While all of the tips will be the high quality Neutrick Connectors, players have the option of choosing between straight and right angled tips. While most players opt for only straight tips, one or both of the ends may be converted to angled without affecting the functionality of the cable. It’s worth mentioning that while all Neutrick Connectors are functionally identical, some are gold-plated, while others are silver. Like we said, there’s a lot to choose from, and Canare offers cables with just about all the length, color, and connection options there is.


If you’re a regular player looking for something for a practice space, the Canare cable is probably overkill. However, if you’re willing to fork over the money for premium sound quality, it’s worth looking into the Canare cables. Guitarists are looking at a rather steep price tag, which definitely qualified this as one of the more expensive cables on the market. However, its performance fits its cost, and thus this cable is considered to be a decent value.

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