Mogami Gold Guitar Cable Review

mogami gold cable
There’s something to be said about gold; even though dozens of other materials are more expensive these days, gold still boasts a unique ability to hold one’s gaze like no other metal. It’s a status symbol, classy and sophisticated, and that’s why you find it luxury items like jewelry, visual arts, and (you guessed it) guitar cables. There are a number of different gold colored guitar cables on the market these days, especially when one searches the reaches of the internet, but many guitarists swear by the quality of the Mogami Gold cables. Make no mistake, dear reader: this is a luxury cable, and costs roughly five times the amount of your average cable. That being said, if you have the need for extremely high quality audio, few cables deliver like Mogami’s.


The official description accompanying the Mogami Golds’s are that these are cables with a sound that’s “uncommonly clear.” Frankly, there aren’t many better phrases for describing the quality of sound one might expect from these cables. Some cables are warm, slightly degrading and twisting the sound, but this is not such a cable. The Mogami Gold’s instead present a precise, exact transmission of the sound, making it capable of meeting the audio quality demands of most professional studios. The Mogami Gold cables are absolutely silent when it comes to introduced noise. Of course, cheaper gear will still sound a bit better when utilizing these cables, but don’t be expecting it to make your Squire sound like a Fender Custom Shop. As one might expect, the high quality sound is what really sells these cables; the look and durability is nice, but really, when you’re spending decent money on a cable, sound quality should be the first thing on your mind. Fortunately, these cables will deliver. most other cables in this price range can’t deliver anywhere near the sounds quality. We’re looking at you, Monster. On the contrary, if you need even more precision, check out the Mogami Platinum.

Build Quality

Although these cables are not as rugged as say, a tweed coated cable, they definitely feel a lot more durable than many of cheap alternatives. The rubber is stiff enough that it could be used on stage long term without taking much damage, and most users experience years of flawless use from these cables before any sound issues occur. That being said, unlike cheaper cables, it will likely be difficult to repair these cables if necessary. Sure, one could get them back into working shape, but Mogami uses higher quality materials than what are available to most laypeople, making it somewhat difficult to get a broken cable to like new condition.


The Mogami Gold line of cables has many sizes available, including small patch cables, six foot instrument cables, ten foot cables, and even an 18 foot option. This should be enough range for both live stage use and studio usage, so be sure to explore the various length options available prior to purchasing cables. Furthermore, players can also choose between two connector types; standard and right angle. As always, the right angle tips are nice for guitars with jacks in the side of the body, and for connecting pedals in a pedal board.


As previously mentioned, these cables don’t come cheap. Some local shops may stock them, but in our experience, they’re easier to find and cheaper when ordered via the internet, at places such as Amazon.

At the price point, this product is definitely targeted towards professional musicians and studios, and the quality they deliver should be more than enough to meet their needs. If you’ve got a nice enough system to merit these cables, they’re definitely worth it, and for that reason we believe the Mogami Gold guitar cables are a great value.

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