Spectraflex Original Guitar Cable Review

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When putting together their guitar rigs, few people pay much mind to their cables. After all, it’s not a very attractive piece of gear; one cannot really do anything with it besides connect things. However, the guitar cable makes a great deal of difference in the overall quality of one’s sound, and definitely isn’t a section of the set up that one can afford to skim over.

Today’s review focuses on the Spectraflex Original Series Cable. This company prides itself on creating high quality braided guitar cables, and actually has the distinction of being the first company to produce braided cables. But has the company actually the earned the reputation it deserves?


As always, the absolute most important parameter to consider in a musical purchase is the sound. Fortunately, Spectraflex built their company on fantastic sounds. Compared to similarly priced cables, the Spectraflex Original Series cable is quite robust, passing all of the signal with little to no loss. Furthermore, the durable nature of the cables should prevent any pops, crackles, or temporary signal cuts.

In more technical terms, the signal to noise ratio of the Original Series is quite high; players should notice that their guitar may sound a bit “cleaner” than they are used to. However, this does not mean that the cable can make low quality pickups sound any better, nor can it make a guitar with scratchy electronics really shine. That being said, one can be sure that this guitar cord won’t degrade their setup in any way.

Build Quality

In addition to providing superior sound, Spectraflex also prides themselves on creating a high quality, luxury product. This means that the guitar cable feels just as great in your hand as it sounds. All of Spectraflex’s cords are built with a braid construction; this means that the coating on the outside of the cord is a braided fabric material. Compared to the rubber that coats your average guitar cable, the braided material feels solid and rugged and can stand up to a great deal of wear and tear. Furthermore, the braided material makes tangling of the cable far more difficult, a benefit that any guitar aficionado will tell you makes a big difference.

While the build level of Spectraflex’s cables is definitely a higher quality than most other guitar cables, this may be due more to the braided aspect of the cables than anything else. Many other companies besides Spectraflex create braided cables, many of which are a similar quality. However, Spectraflex was the original, and many users insist that their product is superior as a result.


Like any decent cable, the Spectraflex comes with a variety of options. Players can choose between ten different colors ranging from one end of the visible spectrum to the other. One of the most interesting options to note about the Spectraflex cables is the variety of braids. Because the design changes depending on the order and style of knots used, the player can choose between 15 or so different braided patterns. This is a unique feature offered by Spectraflex that allows you to add a personal touch to any cable you order. For this reason, ordering from Spectraflex has the feel of ordering custom guitar cables although you get the benefit of production prices.

As with all of the cables offered by Spectraflex, players can chose between tip types, including all straight, all right angle, and half and half. Note that the right angle connectors are marginally more expensive than the straight connectors. Users can also choose from 1 foot to 50 feet of cabling.

If you want a very similar cable with some additional nice features, it’s also worth your time to check out our Spectraflex Vintage Series review. When comparing the Spectraflex Original versus the Spectraflex Vintage, the main difference is that the Vintage has gold plated connectors.


When ordering through Spectraflex’s website, these cables are a bit expensive. Obviously, one should be able to find these cables for much cheaper places like Amazon.com or in the used market, though naturally this will also limit the options in style and length available.

The price of these cables is rather high, but seeing as they are so high quality and carry a well recognized name brand, one could still consider these cables as having a decent value. Overall, if you’re looking for a rugged, long-lasting, and great looking cable, there aren’t too many better options on the market than the Spectraflex Original Series.

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