Conquest Sound Old Glory Guitar Cable Review

conquest sound old glory
Few beasts are stranger than musical gear. Some items, such as older amplifiers or effects pedals, are notoriously fickle and ready to give at any time. Others, such as solidly built guitars and cables, seem capable of lasting for decades without significant decreases in quality or even so much a sign of distress. This review pertains to a cable that would fall into the second category. Conquest Sound’s Old Glory cable is one of the most stable and durable cables on the market, and its price point reflects its performance. Not to mention, the red, white, and blue casing on the cable is quite dashing and makes this cable a great option for country or Americana guitarists (also, because ‘Merica). The following review will examine all aspects of Old Glory, including its sound and build quality.


Considering the price of these cables, one ought to expect nothing but the most pristine sounds from this cable. Fortunately, most guitarists who have played these cables agree with this sentiment. The cable is prized for its crisp, clean sound that is entirely devoid of any crackling, buzzing, or humming. According to Conquest Sound, the cable provides unparalleled transparency; as a matter of fact, the word “transparent” comes up quite a bit when discussing the Old Glory cable. While this is a fantastic quality in a studio or acoustic setting, the cable lacks the artifacts and warmth that rock or blues players might be seeking (which can of course be created using effects pedals, amps, and certain guitars). However, one has to remember that this warmth only comes from an imperfect recreation of the input sound, whereas the crispness offered by Conquest Sound’s offering is indicative of a perfect recreation. This crispness is both a function of the low picofarad rating of the cable and the high quality Neutrick tips. We won’t get too much into these features just yet, as they’ll be focused on in the next section of our comprehensive review…

Build Quality

As previously mentioned, the Conquest Sound Old Glory boasts the industry respected Neutrick tips(you can read more about Neutrik connectors here in this cable review of a Canare cable). These gold connectors are widely regarded as some of the finest available, and users can feel confident that the tips will stand up to years of abuse without diminishing sound quality. Equally as robust in the braided coating of the cable. Conquest Sounds boasts that the weaving is “the heaviest in the industry.” While this may not necessarily be true, there’s no arguing that the weaving for the Old Glory cable is extremely robust and sturdy. This offers the users confidence that their cable will be resistance to breaking, shorting, or other electrical malfunctions that plague low-buck cables. If the unthinkable happens and your Old Glory does happen to give out, the company offers a lifetime warranty and will replace your product for free in a relatively timely manner. Be sure to purchase only from reputable sources to take advantage of the warranty. These cables easily stand up to Mogami’s midrange cable lineup in terms of quality.


By far the most eye-catching portion of the Old Glory cable is the stunning red, white, and blue finish. While this coating is quite attractive, it is the only color offering available to consumers in the Old Glory series. That being said, there are remarkably similar cables available in different series offered by Conquest Sound. The cable comes in a variety of lengths, including 3’, 6’, 10’, 15’, 18’, 20’, 25’, 30’, and 50’. Currently, there is no patch cable version of the Old Glory, although this may be subject to change in the future.


One of the downsides of the Conquest Sound Old Glory is its relative difficulty to find. Although it is carried by some music shops, just as many fail to stock the item or only offer a small selection of lengths. However, it is definitely worth checking your local music shop for this product. If this course of actions proves fruitless(which it may well), the cable is readily available online through most major music retailers and general marketplaces like If you purchase the cable used from these sources, you’ll likely even get a discount compared to buying local.

Attempting to find a discounted or used cable might be worthwhile, as new this cable retails at a rather high pricepoint. Although that makes the Old Glory almost five times as expensive as some of the budget cords out there, its superior performance and flashy looks still make this cable a decent value.

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